PVDB Consulting has a network of strategic partners consisting of specialised organisations and individual experts. We exploit our network to the benefit of our clients, when a specific and highly specialised product or expertise is required. A sample of our strategic partners is listed here.

Academy for Quality in Training and Education

The academy for Quality in Training and Education (Adequate) focuses training quality so that optimal returns on investment are guaranteed. It does so by auditing and certifying organisations in the ISO 10015 standard.

National Learning Institute

The National Learning Institute of Australia specialises in leadership and management development.

Self-leadership allows leaders, managers and professionals to identify, develop and mobilise their individual potential and turn it into action. Group coaching in peer groups is at the core of this four stage development process that benefits both individuals and their organisations.

Synchronicity specializes in Transformational Leadership.

Tolstoy Associates specialises in Team Development.

Livecoachers provides personal online video coaching for leaders world wide.

Proman consulting is a high quality boutique consultancy in Human Resource Management and Organisation Development.

Polyglone is a prime provider of assessment centres.