PVDB Consulting was founded by Paul Vanderbroeck.

Ever since his study of history, Paul has developed a particular interest in how leaders and organisations interact most effectively.
He developed this further during his 15 years career as an HR executive in several countries and organisations. As an HR executive, Paul has been able to test and observe what works and what does not work in organisations.
In addition, he has been able to experience first hand how Human Resource Management can add value to the effective interaction of leaders and organisation. Thus, in the graduate recruitment brochure he designed for Royal Dutch / Shell, he once defined Human Resources Management as ‘the integration of leaders and organisation for the purpose of a successful enterprise.’

Rather than being limited to a single company, he now prefers to bring his expertise and experience to bear on a broader range of organisations and executives, while helping them to improve the interaction of leaders and organisation. He does this in two ways: on the one hand as a consultant and a coach with organisations and individual executives; on the other hand through his academic work at various business schools.

Paul has learned that standard problem-solving approaches only get you part of the way: each situation requires a customised approach. Therefore Paul has learned to apply a broad set of tools and approaches, which he continuously keeps up to date. He applies these in his consulting work, yet each time with a different emphasis and combination in order to meet the specific requirements of the client and the challenge.
He also knows that there are situations where highly specialised expertise is needed. To this purpose, he has developed strategic partnerships with a number of top notch experts for specific support on individual projects.